13Mars Production

13mars production is an audiovisual production company based in Paris, created in April 2015 by Esther Fouchard and Charles Besnard

  We offer executive production in France, on full length features, television films, advertissements, music videos, report, institutional movies, and any other audiovisual projects (photo shooting etc...).

  We are specialized in international collaboration, with a customized follow-up from the quotation process / budget-making process to filming.

  Used to multilingual sets we adapt to every project by forming the suitable team for all your needs. Furthermore with our "field work", we have acquired the ability to solve problems and be really reactive for both small and ambitious budgets.

  We work with a network of partners (rental vehicles, rental technical equipment, casting, hotel, etc...) which allows us to offer you attractive prices in these different fields.



Producer / Production Manager

Following a 15 years experience in cinema and television as location manager/unit manager and most recently in production management, Charles has a thorough knowledge of audiovisual environment in financial terms as well as technical and organizational skills.

Outside of Paris, he also worked in a lot of French regions and thus has the necessary experience and contacts for your shooting organization all over France.


Production Manager / Short film Development

In parallel of her employment as assistant director in feature films, advertisement and television, Esther trained in production management in 2015.

She also manages short film production part, specifically funding and development.